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New Update, finally! I've been so busy that I haven't had time to post icons in a while, but I finally have a new batch! Anchorman, Friends, Jennifer Aniston, and Rent. The Rent icons were tricky because the movie is soo dark that it's hard to make the screencaps lighter. but I hope you like them!!

51 icons
5 Anchorman
9 Friends
12 Jennifer Aniston
21 Rent
4 Rent Text

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7 Friends icons
3 Jennifer Aniston icons
3 Rachel Bilson icons
7 Ben McKenzie icons
4 Christina Applegate icons

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In honor of Halloween, I've made TOW THE HALLOWEEN PARTY icons!!

5 Friends Halloween icons
6 Friends 'Text' Halloween icons

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I made some more Friends graphics for you! I've been making a lot of text icons, because for some reason I find them a lot of fun to make! Reading through Friends quote websites are fun to find the quotes. :)

Also, thanks to everyone who gave me some Friends quotes to use!

6 Friends icons
14 Friends 'text' icons
1 Jennifer Aniston header

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