Friends, BSB & Jesse McCartney Icons

New layout-Backstreet Boys. What do you guys think?

3 Friends icons
8 Backstreet Boys icons
2 Jesse McCartney icons

..COMMENT and CREDIT if you use. A lot of people have not been crediting. I work hard on these icons, so please credit me. To credit, when you upload the icon, in the keyword say "made by rcgraphics" or something along those lines. Please & Thank you.
..NO HOTLINKING. Upload to your own server, so my photobucket account does not exceed it's monthly bandwith. Thanks!


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friends and mr&mrs.smith icons

14 Friends icons
6 Mr. and Mrs. Smith icons

please credit. the way to credit is when you use one of my icons, when you upload it to LJ, put in the keywords box, made by rcgraphics. or something along those lines. thank you.
&; PLEASE NO HOTLINKING!! upload to your own server.

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Haven't made icons in a while, so i made some today. Plus I have some old ones I made a while ago that I never posted.

+3 Friends icons
+9 music icons
+2 The Notebook icons
+8 Random Icons

comment and credit to </a></a>rcgraphics if you take any!

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