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Everytime I Try To Rise Above

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I'm Swept Away By Love


This is the graphic journal of _falling_faster If you like the graphics, add this journal to your friends list, and I'll add you back. You can find icons, headers, and layouts of various tv shows, movies, actors, and actresses. I will take requests if I have enough time on my hands.


If you take any icons, please comment in the entry and tell me. Also, credit anything you take to rcgraphics To credit an icon, put rcgraphics in the keywords. Do not steal my icons. Please, no insulting comments. When using one of my layouts, credit rcgraphics in your userinfo. Please and thank you.

Accepted At;

acoustic_style / goodfriendsicon

Brush/Texture Credit


If you are notice I am using one of your brushes but you are not listed above, please tell me immediately and I will put you on the list. Thanks.


I need more afflites, so if you want to be one, just ask!

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